Such works are characteristic of the paintings of Petro Lebedynets. They are unique from the first slick of the brush.

Painting is a space clear for some people and unachievable for other people. This space is filled by us with the help of our imagination, colour and form perception. Depending on the mood and state of mind, a picture may be interpreted as a sunrise or sunset, as a comedy or tragedy; it can improve your mood or rouse deeply hidden memories. And these are OUR feelings characteristic for a person with imagination.

An artist is inherently talented, but we are convinced in this again and again contemplating his paintings, imagining the author’s mood and the author himself. In each painting we can see the soul of an artist, his perception of the world and find something for ourselves in it, something new and profound. Painting makes us think, worry, feel happy, and sympathize. It touches the most secret parts of our consciousness. That is painting.

According to an author’s opinion, a painting rouses the greatest delight in case when not only the artist takes part in its creation, but also the view does. Such works are characteristic of the paintings of Petro Lebedynets. Admiring his pictures we’ll never find not particle of plagiarism. They are unique from the first slick of the brush. In them we can’t see the sky and the ground in their habitual manner. Each canvas of Petro is clean and white for perception, but extraordinary bright and many-sided. Looking at his paintings we also have a hand in it and become an artist in some sense. We vanish into the colours, they absorb us, make us think, and perceive. Oh, it’s so necessary for people who’ve got used to apprehend only refined information.

The famous Oscar Wild said: “A man should absorb the colours of life, but never remember the details. Details are always commonplace”. Petro Lebedynets has been absorbing the colours of life for many years and sharing these colours with us in his pictures. We supplement his works with some details. Maybe these details are really commonplace, but they are our perceptions of the paintings, the author and painting in whole.

To my mind, colours point out Petro Lebedynets’ art, determine it. Bright colours attract people’s attention and charm them. They take us to the sky, or down below the horizon to the deep of the ocean. Maybe it’s a too minimized or very subjective description, but it doesn’t influence the fact that every observer of Pyotr Lebedinets’s paintings will write his or her own novel, unique and individual, and will approach to that mysterious world of art which delights us so much, capture our mind and fascinates our imagination.

By the way, in the majority of the works of Petro Lebedynets the paints seem to speak, tell us something, we should just listen to them attentively, set your eyes on them, and you can learn much interesting about the author, the picture, and the history of its creating. The language of paints is so bright, but unpretentious that you want to contemplate these canvases, think about your perception of life, paints and other things.

I’d like to notice once more that nowadays so few people give bright memories to an ordinary viewer, and dedicate himself to a creative profession taking delight in doing it. Petro Lebedynets is an outstanding representative of a very interesting profession of an artist and of this country in the world of art. The Ukraine must be proud of such people as well as ordinary people do. I’d like to finish the article with the words of A. France: “Artists have to show us how good the life is. Otherwise we’d have some doubts”.

Inna Osipova