Petro Lebedynets, Composition 1, 2019 oil on canvas 110х120

In the residence of the president of Brooklyn Marty Markowitz in the network of the annual festival “Our Heritage” (the sponsors are RAF, Daily, with the assistance of Michael Bloomberg) there has been held a ceremony of awarding the representatives of Russian-speaking Jewish Community for their services to the city. Among the awarded are Germina Horozhaya, Leonard Petlakh, and Evgeny Shkolnikov. Marty Markowitz presented Honorary Diploma to Marina Kovalyova, the organizer of the Festival, for her service to the city and the community, and in connection with the 30th anniversary of her immigration to the USA.

The commemoration ceremony dedicated to Malka Budilovsky was very touching, and the members of her community were present there. Her daughter Galina Fainshtein was presented with a Memorable Diploma.

Irvin Tendler’s trumpet sounded, and “Prayer” was wonderfully sung by the artist of “Shalom” Theatre Evgeny Valevich.

The “Forum” Newspaper, June 11 – 17, 2009